Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

This is a collection of videos of my Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

You can see them running, playing, wrestling, working, being goofy and just being themselves.




Here's more of my chorus. I love how they throw their heads back and curl their mouths to sing.


Anatolians love to sing! Anyone that owns one most likely knows but for those of you who don't know, here's a video of "my chorus". They do this about once a day. Normally it's early in the morning but other times they will do it when someone comes to the house. It's funny because if one starts they all start. You can hear them from all over. This is Raven and Kazara but you'll also hear the others in the back singing right along with them. They all tend to stop all at the same time too. It's so loud that it feels like the house vibrates when they all sound off but then suddenly it goes silent.


This is Atakan in his first snow. As you can tell, he's learning that the ice under the snow is pretty slippery. I love seeing puppies in snow. They are so cute!


This video is of Raven with Pasa and Tayyar playing with Atakan 2 days after he was home. Raven was in heaven with the new little puppy! Tayyar and Pasa really enjoyed the new addition too. Even though Tayyar is 2 years old, the new puppy brought out the puppy again in Tayyar! He's a like a little puppy again but stuck in a big boys body. He's such a goof ball and loves having a little brother to mess with now. Pasa was just not knowing which direction to go in this video. She's in and out and in and out. She's so funny. Raven would not leave Atakan alone. She was so interested and so happy with a new puppy being here.


This is Kazara with Atakan a day after he came home. She loves little puppies and is so good with them. He was bouncing all around her. She enjoyed it but also seemed like she teaching him at the same time just like she did when Pasa and Tayyar came home. She's very tolerant and knows they are just babies. She just adores puppies and is so good with them. 


This was Atakan's first day home! He made the trip home with the new goat Lotus. After being home for a little bit and meeting the other dogs, it was time to put Atakan in with the goats to meet them. This is a little video of him meeting them. He did well but I had to turn the camera off because he got too playful with them and needed stopped. He was 8 weeks old and just beginning to learn.


Raven has bunny issues! She loves to bark at the big bad bunnies to try to scare them away. Kazara was looking out the other window but was dead silent. She ended up walking away since she knew it was no big deal but Raven thought otherwise. This bunny was driving her nuts!


This is Raven feeling all fresh and clean after a bath. Of course, Kazara had to come check her out but didn't want to be in front of the camera so she left. Raven was enjoying rolling around in the grass and you can tell she was so happy to be fresh and clean.


Raven is my big, beautiful girl. She is always in work mode or laying around minding her own business. She's such a laid back and gentle girl. My aunt and uncle had stopped by to visit with one of my twin cousins. My cousin was trying to play with the dogs and throw toys but they ignored his efforts which was pretty funny but not unexpected from them due to how the breed is. Raven is the only one who will actually fetch once in a while but she has to be in the mood. Sometimes once I get her started, she won't stop and I have to be the one to stop. Well, my cousin must have gotten her in one of her playful moods because all she wanted to do was play with him and not stop. This is not a common thing to see her do so when it happens, it's quite a delight to see her have so much fun.

This is Raven and my cousin playing with the ball. They are playing tug and also she's going to fetch it. You can see the look all over her face that she wanted him to keep playing with her.

This was a bit later and she was still going! We all thought this was pretty funny. You can hear my aunt and I laughing in the background while my mom filmed this. This was so comical to us considering Raven is not a very energetic dog. She kept going and going while not letting go of the ball. I'm sure my cousin got a work out!


Tayyar gets in a weird mood sometimes and likes to act like a goof ball. He got in one of his moods and wanted to show off for the camera. He was barking and growling and whining for me and pouncing down to the ground all in fun. Of course Pasa was in the backround and had to join in.

Tayyar also has an issue. He loves to chew things. He likes to grab my hip or whatever he can grab and chew on me when I get home from work. It started out as a welcome home but it has escalated into a full blown chewing addiction. He chews like how you would eat a piece of corn on the cob and he doesn't bite at all. Once in a while, he might accidentally pinch but never on purpose. He does it now at other times too and not just when I get home from work. When I make him stop, he turns to Pasa and does it to her. She seems to like it. Here's a little video of his addiction. He needs a pacifier!


This is Raven enjoying a roll in the grass. I didn't catch her until she was almost done but it's still a little of her goofy side.


This group of dogs love to play stalking games. This is Pasa trying to stalk Tayyar. Tayyar must not be in the mood and completely ignores her. She takes off running and expects him to chase but he doesn't move an inch which is not like him to ignore her. I thought this was pretty funny.

Here is Pasa again trying to get Tayyar's attention and he's still ignoring her. She nags and nags to play but he still doesn't move an inch so she gives up.


Do you see an Anatolian in the bush? Well, I do and Raven thinks I can't see her. She has learned a bad habit from her sister Kazara. Kazara started the bush hiding while looking for baby rabbits and birds and now all of the dogs do it. Once Raven realized I caught her in the act, she walked away like she was doing nothing at all.


Pasa playing in the snow. She could amuse herself forever in the snow.

This video shows Pasa and Tayyar having a stare down. Tayyar likes to hide behind bushes and trees and thinks no one can see him. You'll see what I mean in this video. Pasa sees him but he acts like she can't. He's staring her down and watching her every move.

Play time in the snow!


Kazara just being pretty Kazara!

This was a close call. I was filming the dogs again and they started running right towards me but not paying attention to me standing right there. Wow! I was very close to being taken out and put on the ground by them. They missed me by inches and one of them did brush my leg running past. They sure were having fun.


My pretty Pasa's perfect prance!


In these next set of videos you will hear a lot of barking from Raven in the background. She is quite annoyed with the one neighbor behind us and she's on patrol most of the time in this next set. Some Anatolians tend to bark a lot and Raven is one of them, especially when she's alerted to something or sees something she doesn't like.

Now, Tayyar loves to grab Pasa's plush tail all the time. This is a quick one of him grabbing her tail and dragging her.

This next one is of the group playing around. Notice Tayyar leap in the air but miss landing on his feet. You will also see Raven prancing around in work mode.

This video is of extreme play between Pasa and Tayyar. Kazara will just lay and watch while Raven is still off in her own little working world but she'll eventually come over to us. Anatolians love to wrestle and can get quite rough. Just remember, this is only play between these two.


This is Tayyar at 8 months old just being a cute puppy.


This is Raven trying to play with Kazara. Notice how Raven uses her mouth and body but keeps her legs out of the way of Kazara's mouth. I've noticed it a lot with Raven during play. Tayyar and Pasa also start playing roughly but it is only play. They all collide into each other and both Pasa and Tayyar fall down. Oops!

More play and everyone decided to gang up on Kazara this time. Pasa looses her footing and falls down while Kazara does 2 somersaults in a row.


This is a typical play day for my group. They love to wrestle and take turns on who's turn it is to be ganged up on and this was Tayyar's turn.

In this video you will see Pasa and Tayyar playing. Kazara walks up to them until Raven sets off an alarm and you will see Kazara take off running. Notice her speed and how quickly she covers the area.


This is a quick video of the whole group running in a pack.

This video is of Pasa at 7 months old being curious about some little gnats that were flying around her head.