Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.


Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

 In Need



Here is a list of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs that are in desperate need of help. These dogs are being held in shelters and boarding kennels throughout the U.S. and have no where else to go. They need foster or adoptive homes as soon as possible. If you can help, please contact the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network. Here's the link to see all of the faces that need our help. 

Anatolian Rescue Railroad

Ever wish you could do something to help with rescue but you aren't able to foster? Why not sign up to be a volunteer driver on transports? Sometimes a transport is the difference between life and death for a dog in a shelter.

All transports are on the weekend and each driver takes a "leg" or increment of appx 50-75 miles, then you hand the dog off to the next driver. It's fun to meet the dogs and other dog lovers and it only takes a couple of hours and a little gas, plus, you will be doing a good thing by helping an unwanted dog get to his/her new home or foster home.

Rescue transports are needed across the country. No matter where you are located, there may be a time when an Anatolian will need you to help them get to their new home or foster home. It's a very rewarding experience to be able to help a dog in need and get it to safety. You can help to save a life!

 AnatolianRescueRailroad : Rescue transport group designed to move rescued Anatolians to their new homes.