Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Goat Videos


This video is of Lotus's homecoming! This is how the goats welcomed her home. Gypsy showed her that she's the boss right away and the boys were very curious. Lotus is such a sweet and loving girl. Her first couple of weeks here, she was still adapting to the new herd and they were adapting to her being here but now they are all one and everyone gets along great. This is their first time meeting Lotus.


This video is of my Mom demonstrating what it's like at feeding time with the goats. They were still learning to come around and trust us. Legend and Gypsy were much more trusting than Coal and Fusion at the time but Coal and Fusion were slowly gaining trust in us and joining in the feeding time fun. Food was a good way to gain their trust. Here's a little video of the antics they do for their food. They get so excited and have learned when that green bucket comes out that it's time to eat. It's a good way to round them up and get them back in their pen when they are out in the larger area now. They see that bucket come out, they all come running!

This video is of Gypsy showing that she's not dumb. She figures out the best way to get on this toy instead of using the sliding board like the boys.

This is a little thing that Legend started doing shortly after he came home. If I wiggled my finger in front of him, he would flap his lips together. It's really cute and he does it all the time now and I don't even have to wiggle my finger anymore. He's such a clown.

This is some more of Legend with my finger. He does like to grab your fingers and chew on them. He likes to try to eat my nails too. Most of the time he just wants your finger in his mouth like a pacifier. It doesn't hurt because all you feel is the bottom teeth and the top gums since there is no teeth on the top in the front of their mouths. Just be sure not to get your finger too far back in their mouth because that's where the teeth really are and those back teeth hurt!

There's not much to this video but I thought I'd share it. The goats are just being goats. May favorite part is Coal taking a flying leap off of the toy at the end. I love how they jump!


This is Legend being a goof ball. He was not allowing me to clean the barn. He kept following me around and jumping on me. He's my little sidekick now. He's so boyish and fun. He likes to act macho too.

The boys playing on the rock pile.

This is little Gypsy trying to figure out how to use the sliding board. She is so innocent.

Legend has now come over to help show Gypsy how it's done. He loves her!


Here are my boys playing on the picnic table. The love this picnic table! They have the whole big yard to roam and explore but they won't leave the porch area. This table is like a jungle gym to them. They love playing King Of The Mountain on it. This was a cute video seeing them playing and then taking off running. You'll see little Gypsy running behind kind of like a little lost straggler. She's just so cute!

More picnic table play! If you watch close enough, you'll see Legend take a flying leap right over the cement lion.


This is my little girl Gypsy. She is really a mama's girl. She will cry out and insist on being pet and held. She is such a sweet girl!


Here's some videos taken June 8th, 2008. It's the kids 3rd day home and they began to be more comfortable in their new home and started testing out their toys. The boys decided to play King Of The Mountain!