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Ballester's Mystic Fahrunisa, CGC

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Well she finally did it! Fahrunisa became a Canine Good Citizen on June 20th, 2012 at 2 years old! It was a lot of work and determination but she did it. She was one of those in class that would not do a thing and took forever to do a command....IF she even did it. Now Nisa is a very smart cookie. She can be very stubborn and set in her ways at times though. The CGC test took place on my birthday this past year. It was all I wanted for my birthday and it was up to her to do it. I had some major doubts with her going into it from how she was ignoring things in class but the night came and the girl went in there and shined. She did every single command on the first command like a pro! She knew exactly what she was doing and floored the teacher. She's very smart and will do things when she feels like doing it. She passed with flying colors! I was so proud of her and she gave me the best birthday present that I could have asked for. Thank you Nisa! Now the next night she went back to class to finish her graduation for Level 1 Obedience and she went right back to not obeying on the first command. She did pass but it took some effort. The teacher was laughing because she saw what Nisa can do and what she knows. She just has her mind set and will do it whenever she feels like it. Typical Anatolian! Here's her CGC picture. I'm very proud of her!


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