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Sehzade and Kazara

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 9:25 AM

These pictures were taken a few days after Sehzade came home. These pictures mean a lot to me. This is the last time that I'll most likely see pictures of these two together. Kazara normally gets along with new puppies at first but then realizes that they are here to stay. She is very bonded with Raven. She feels that she rules and everyone else that has come home after her is invading her territory. I do eventually separate them from her for everyone's safety, including her own. This was the last time these two were together. The next morning, she set the rules and realized that Sehzade was here to stay. Nobody got hurt but they have been separated since. I wish one of these days that she would be willing to bond with another dog. I look at these pictures and remember how happy she was this day and how they were together. I just wish it could have lasted. Take a good look because you most likely won't see this again.

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