Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Why I chose the Anatolian Shepherd Dog

This is a little history into my life to let you know why I ended up choosing the breed of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. My mother raised me as a single parent and we had built a house in the country surrounded by nothing but fields and trees with very little neighbors around us. It was only the two of us all alone.
When I was in high school some weird things began happening. I would get home from school and no sooner Iíd walk in the door the phone would ring. It was a man on the other line. No voice Iíve ever heard before. He began to talk to me and he was trying to get me to meet with him. He would describe our house and the surroundings so he must have seen it before. He knew my name and my motherís name. He knew where my mother worked and what times I was alone and when I would get home from school. These calls went on for a few weeks almost every day. I would never give him any information and did not want to talk to him. I refused to meet with him anywhere. To make a long story short, he had called my mother at work and made up some sick story about me and she came home and asked me about him. I never told her about him before this because he claimed he knew her and he told me some sick things about her also. I did tell her about him then and the things he told me about her. This was a sick man making up lies to turn us against each other and to try to meet with me. We contacted the police to report what was going on. Nothing could be done without knowing where the calls were coming from. We had a trace put on our phone line to try to trace the calls but it was always somewhere different and unknown numbers. Nothing was able to be done about this. The calls stopped shortly afterwards but we always wondered about it.
Another thing that would happen around the same time was a car would come back our private road in the middle of the night in the early morning hours and pull in our driveway. It would sit in the driveway for about an hour or 2 and shine itís headlights directly in the front windows of the house to try to see inside. This went on for about a month or 2 just about every night. This eventually stopped also.
Nothing happened for a few years and we thought things were going back to normal. We were wrong. After I was out of high school more things began to happen and this time it was not related to the previous incidents. Everything from here on I strongly feel is related to each other and it was the same people involved.

My mother would leave from time to time and go stay at someone elseís house so that would often times leave me alone at night. I went outside one night and not even one minute after I was outside I saw a lighter light up over in the trees in front of the house. Then I heard a whistle like a wolf call that men do to women then another one from the other side of the field. There were 2 of them! The other one that made the first noise left out a laugh like a laugh you would hear in a horror movie. I freaked out and went inside and turned off all the lights so they couldnít see me. This would happen quite often and went on for weeks and months on end. Iíd walk out the door and hear a guy around my age doing something like some kind of whistle from over in the trees. Every time I felt like I was being watched by these guys or I would hear them then I would turn off the lights in the house and walk around in the dark so they couldnít see me.

One night a friend of mine had just left my house to go home. I walked outside shortly after he left and heard a very loud scream followed by a loud thud against the neighbors tree stand over in the trees towards the back of the field. Suddenly I heard running down through the trees coming straight at me. I screamed and ran inside. I picked up the phone and called my friend who had just left shortly before. He heard the terror in my voice and in my cries. He was just getting ready to get in bed but as soon as he realized something was wrong he ran out his door and got in his car to come back. I then called my mom to tell her what was going on and she stayed on the phone with me the entire time until my friend showed up. After he arrived we called the police. An officer came to the house and I told him what had happened. I told him where the sound had come from and the exact location of it. He assumed it was my neighbors who were in bed and would never do anything like that. He didnít even go look at the place I told him the sound came from. He wondered off in a different direction. He then laughed at me and told me it was probably just an animal like the deer or something that we had around there. I told him I know what the animals sound like from living there so long. Thereís a distinct difference between a deer running on 4 legs to a human running on 2 legs wearing jeans that you could hear rubbing. He was no help and didnít believe me. The problems just got worse from there on.
Often times I would wake in the middle of the night to hear pounding on the side of the house or to hear someone jiggling the door handle. One night I had my window to my bedroom cracked open on the second floor. I woke to my pager going off. I looked at it and there was nothing there. It took me a minute to realize I didnít have my pager set on that tone and it came from right outside my window. I stayed in bed listening to see if it was my imagination. It wasnít. There were those 2 male voices from before right outside my bedroom window. They were whispering so I couldnít hear quite what they were saying. I became frozen in fear and remained laying in bed hoping they wouldnít know I was awake or hear me calling someone for help. No one answered my calls and I cried myself back to sleep hours after I thought they had left.
One night I went outside with my lab/brittany mix, Angelia. She ran to the far end of the fence and got all excited and happy. She was looking directly at something or someone and wiggling her little stub tail like she knew who it was and met them before. I could read her body language. It was an odd hour of the night and too dark to see what it was she was looking at so I quickly called her back inside and again turned off the lights inside knowing there was someone out there again. On another occasion I opened up the side door and smelled cigarette smoke which was very close to the house and no one should ever be that close to the house for me to smell it that strong. So I again turned off all the lights and walked around in the dark so they couldnít see me.
Phone calls started coming in at home and at my work. They were prank calls and a guy saying things then hanging up. It was always the same guy and the same voice I heard outside of my house. I have heard this voice before but I cannot place a face or name with it. I know this person or have at least talked to them in the past. I knew I had a stalker or stalkers since whoever it is works in pairs. I became tired of living in fear and walking around my own house in the dark just so they couldnít see me. I decided to look into getting another more protective breed since my shih tzu at the time wasnít going to put off an intruder or my lab mix since she was more scared of a lot of things. I brought home Harley who was my rottweiler/german shepherd mix.
Things seemed to calm down for a while but then they started up again and Harley seemed to be a target too. It seemed as though whoever was doing this didnít want him there. The stalking got more serious and whoever it was decided to get more daring. I was not always alone at times now. More things started happening when my mom was also at the house unlike before when I was alone. More calls started at my new job and at home and more noises outside of the house began happening. One night I was sitting in the living room watching TV and my mom was in bed. At exactly 12 mid-night I heard a loud bang on the side door that was enclosed in a fenced in area, which was only a 4ft chain link fence. I jumped off the couch startled at the sound thinking it was just one of the dogs that hit the side door to tell me they were ready to come back inside. I then realized they were all inside the house already. Harley heard the noise too and went crazy barking and I ran to my momís bedroom to wake her so I could tell her what happened. She was already awake because she had heard the noise too. She got out of bed and we both turned on all of the flood lights outside to light up the entire area of what we could see. We didnít see anything so we opened the side door only to find a large boulder type rock laying right beneath the door on the porch. We turned off all the lights knowing someone was out there and had thrown it at the house. We shut everything down for the night since we had no choice but to go to bed since you canít quite do anything in the dark.
Shortly after that incident we decided to build a garage and the fencing had to come down temporarily. Angelia and Harley were both runners so I could not leave them outside to potty without being tied to something. One day after coming home from work I tied both of them outside like I did every night for about 10-15 minutes before bringing them back inside. I heard Angelia barking up a storm. I went to look to see what she was barking about and Harley was gone. I screamed to my mom that he was gone. We both went on a search for him all over the place. We were gone for about a half hour looking for him at all the places we always found him when heíd get loose. He was nowhere to be found. It was like he just up and disappeared. We ended up back at the house after looking still calling for him since where I live your voice will echo and we knew he could hear us. All of a sudden he came from the upper corner of the back yard running straight for us, which was really odd. He never came back on his own and never running like that. I grabbed him and took him in the house. In the meantime my mom was looking at his cable to see how he got loose. She called me to come look. I walked outside and the cable was literally sliced and pulled apart and jammed in a way we wouldnít see it when we hooked him to it. There was no way possible he would have done that himself in only a couple minute timeframe. Someone was there while we were both at work and cut that cable and pulled it apart so it would break loose the second he pulled on it. We still would like to know why he was not at his normal places that he always went to immediately and why he ran back to us the way he did. He came from a very odd direction too. Something was not right about it. We strongly believe someone grabbed him and held him while we searched for him and they watched the whole thing. That would have given them the perfect opportunity to get in the house too while we were out looking for him.
Within the next week or two, I came home from work and would be going on with my normal routine and my mom called me from the kitchen. There was a guy standing up at the back of the yard on the other side of the tree line watching our house. I didnít see him because he left too quickly. He did this every night for the next week. I did eventually see him myself. He was my age like I figured the ones from before to be. He would stand there until he was spotted then he would walk away back into the trees very quickly. It was as if he wanted us to see him.
I contacted the police again to tell them the whole situation. Nothing could be done for it from what they told me. I contacted a stalker support place that helps people with stalkers and they told me sadly in my case nothing could be done. Stalking cases are the worst to prove if you donít know the exact person doing it or if you can't prove who it is. I seriously felt in danger and that now Harley was in danger also.
Within a short amount of time the new garage was built and the new fencing was put up. This time it was 6ft privacy and chain link fencing. It was all locked too. My shih tzu was growing older as the days grew on. It was time for me to begin thinking about what I was going to do about adding another member to my family and what breed. Harley was a good dog but not very protective. He was the happiest boy alive and would accept anyone into the home with lots of kisses and tail wags. He was a good alert dog though. He would alert me to the smallest movement. Harley had the looks to put off an intruder but it wasnít working since I felt he was in danger now too. After many years of fear and walking around in the dark and no help from the police, I decided enough was enough. I needed a dog that I felt very safe with and that everyone else in the household was safe with. So the search began.
I have always been a fan of the giant breed dogs. I always stayed away from them because of the incredibly short life spans. I wanted a large or giant breed dog that was a good protector and natural guardian. I was looking for a dog that had minimal health issues. I was looking for a dog without high maintenance grooming. I was looking for a dog that I could mess around with outside but yet be calm inside the house. I was looking for a dog that was good with family and friends but wary of strangers. I was looking for a territorial dog that would protect itís property and home but yet be good with the other dogs and animals in my home. I had it all summed up what I was looking for in a dog. I went on my search. I wasnít finding everything I really was looking for in a dog but had a few other breeds of dogs in mind that were close to what I wanted. I later went to a local dog show to look into a couple breeds that I had in mind when the Anatolian Shepherd Dog entered my life. It was everything I was looking for in a dog.
After I brought home my first Anatolian, Raven, things began to go back to normal. As she grew and I learned about her, I felt safer. Things seemed like they were finally stopping. When she was about 6 months old or so, I was sitting in the living room watching a movie with my mother during the afternoon. All the dogs were passed out sleeping. The movie had just ended and the credits started to roll. Suddenly there was a loud cracking bang noise. It sounded like gun or something hitting the house right outside the room we were in. Since it was during the day we ran outside to see what it was. We didnít see anything at all. The next morning we noticed something wrong with the 6ft privacy fence between the garage and house. There was a cinder block sat up against the fence in a position it wasnít in before and there were scuff prints on the side of the fence. Someone used the cinder block to try to help them climb over the fence. The scuff marks were from their shoes sliding on the fence while trying to climb it. That was odd and it freaked us out for a bit. Later we noticed something did hit the house because the brand new siding was broken with a hole in it. Things once again calmed down after that incident and seemed to go back to normal.
Raven ruined me. She quickly made me become addicted to the breed. I loved everything about her and her temperament. I eventually lost my shih tzu to old age. After her death, I brought home my second Anatolian, Kazara. Life was going good with very few problems like I had before. I was feeling safe and starting to lead a normal life. Sadly the tree farm behind us disappeared due to a building of a new development and a lot of the fields over across the way disappeared due to developments also. We just had the field beside us and the tree farm in front of us remaining. The neighbors houses on our private road are generally farther apart so itís still nice and semi private. It isnít as scary now as it was before being in the middle of nowhere but itís more of a pain now with more neighbors and seeing all the beautiful land and nature disappear. Things were going good and I was so happy with these Anatolians in my life. I decided to call up my breeder and reserve another puppy. This time I wanted a male and a buddy for Harley since he was overwhelmed with females ruling the house. I was playing the waiting game waiting for him to be born so he could come home and join our family. In the meantime a few more things started happening again.
One day I came home from work and I went to open the side door. I touched it and it opened on it's own. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I thought maybe I just didn't pull it closed the entire way that morning when I left. Two days later I came home from work again and this time the side door was cracked open. I knew right then that the previous time was no mistake. This was not possible that I would have left this door open 2 times in a row. I knew someone had gotten over the fence and had gotten the side door open. I checked the house out and nothing was missing. Someone tried coming in the house but didn't succeed because of the dogs being inside.
About 1 week later, I was home alone and was tired so I decided to take a nap. I woke up later and it was time to feed the dogs. I was in the middle of feeding them and Harley was done before everyone else like always. I didnít want him bothering Angelia or Raven so I decided to take him outside in the yard while I drove out the road to get the mail from earlier in the day. I got in my truck and backed out of the garage. I got to the bottom of the driveway and looked up only to see Harley standing in front of the garage with a confused look on his face. I threw my truck into park and jumped out in the pouring down rain to call for him. I was so upset since he was a known runner and it was dark and raining outside. I was scared to death he would find his way to the road and get hit since no one would see his black hair at night. I began acting all excited telling him ďLetís go for a rideĒ. He loved rides but it normally didnít work when heíd get loose but I had no choice. This time it worked and he jumped right in the back seat so that was a major relief. I took him back to the house and shut him in the garage until I could figure out how he got out. The front gate on the privacy fence was hanging wide open. I was in dismay. That gate was always locked and never opened. It was locked from the inside too. The only way to unlock it is to be inside the fence. The gate is also very tough to open and close so whoever did it had to be strong. If and when we ever opened it then it would take 2 of us to do it. The whole thing is it was relocked to make it look at a quick glance like it was locked but it was locked in an unlocked position. That was very scary knowing that the gate was locked and then somehow opened and it happened when I was home. Someone had some guts especially not knowing when I was going to open the door for the dogs to go out either. Iím just very lucky Harley came back that night and that he was the only one that went out at that time or it would have been all of them loose.
This was all happening right before Christmas so it may have been that someone was trying to get in the house to steal things or money since that happens a lot around the holidays or maybe it's still connected to the problems from before. We'll never know. My little boy, Tayyar, was born in December too. I kept telling Harley his little brother would be coming home soon. I showed Harley pictures of him so he could see his new little buddy. Two weeks after Christmas I lost Harley suddenly due to a problem with his brain. He got very sick very fast and his behavior changed drastically. He was only 6 years old. It felt as though everything came crashing down on me. It was too hard to believe my baby boy was gone. The girls took his loss very hard also. I tried to tell them it'll be ok. I was thinking about my new little boy Tayyar and his homecoming so close to the loss of Harley. I felt bad now knowing that Harley would never meet him and Tayyar would never meet Harley. I didn't want the others thinking I was replacing Harley because he could never be replaced. I told the girls that we'll get through this together. There was such a huge empty space in our lives. Even bringing home Tayyar alone didn't feel right because there would still be this big open void. I ended up calling my breeder and discussing bringing home a female too. The plans were set and along came Pasa. The thought of bringing home 2 new babies kept me going and kept me sane.
The 2 new pups came home and everything was going great. It was so much fun raising both together. About one month after the pups arrived home I lost Angelia to old age complications. She took a turn for the worse after the loss of Harley. He was her rock and protector. She just seemed to give up after he was gone. That was another blow to our family. We stuck together and overcame it. It's still tough thinking about the loss of both of them but having these others in my life kept me going. I had to keep going because they needed me as much as I needed them. The 2 older girls were in heaven having the 2 new pups to play with and the pups kept everyone busy and on their toes. These 2 pups were like little angels sent to us when we needed them most. It's been wonderful watching them grow together and mature and the bond that they have is incredible.
Most of the problems from before seems to have gone away for the most part. The things that I've mentioned are only some of the things that has happened over the years but not all of them. Most of them are most likely connected to each other but some I question. Once in a while, we'll still get a drive by in the middle of the night that's pretty suspicious considering it's the same vehicle that does it or I'll get a strange phone call or some strange noise outside. Having these Anatolians in my life seems to be keeping the problems at bay. They still happen from time to time but not as serious as it used to be. I'm no longer living in fear like I was before. I can walk around inside my house with the lights on at night. I don't know if the problems will ever go away unless I move even though they could follow me but I'm not scared anymore like I used to be before having these magnificent Anatolians in my life. They have far exceeded my expectations.
Some people may ask why do you need a dog for protection or guarding. When I tell them what I've gone through some don't understand and say to me "Why not just get a gun?". I do not like guns and do not want any in a house that I live in. I'm not a fan of them at all. Some people just get a guard dog for a status symbol but then there are others who really do need them in order to try to live a normal life. After years of living in fear and not being believed by anyone and not getting any help from the police, looking into getting a guarding breed was what I felt was my only option. These dogs are everything I ever wanted in a dog. They are first and foremost my companions and family members. They are also here for a purpose and that's for my protection and my property. I finally feel safe for once in my life. I couldn't ask for any better dogs. They have given me so much love, loyalty, joy and happiness. These dogs are amazing, intelligent creatures with such warm hearts. They are wonderful companions and they have given me my life back.
I first got them because of their natural guarding abilities and they fit everything I ever wanted in a dog but now after living with them, knowing them and loving them, I am forever invested in this breed. Anatolians keeping their instincts and remaining true to the way the breed has been for thousands of years is very important to me. I plan on dedicating my life to them and helping people understand them and come share in my experiences with them. I am always going to have Anatolians in my life. This breed is truly genuine to me.