Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Tayyar Learning The Basics

The dogs have all had a chance to meet the goats one on one and so far Tayyar has seemed to do the best with them. I had the goats out in the big yard roaming around and grazing. I decided to take Tayyar out on the 4 ft lead to see how he would be in the big yard with them. He didn't mind them at all. I decided to switch to the 15 ft lead to give him more freedom to get closer without me right beside him. Here's some pictures of him on the 15 ft lead with me holding on to the other end of it. He did run a couple of times at first and quickly realized that he gets to the end and it stops him. He decided to calm down and enjoy this.

He did really good. I then decided to keep the lead on him but drop it and let him drag it. That way, if he got excited to chase, then I could stomp on the lead and stop him. He did wonderful! He roamed around with the goats and was so calm. He even started acting like a goat and grazing beside them and also laid down to watch them. Here's some pictures of him dragging the lead.

He was doing so well that I decided to remove the lead from him and let him be free roaming with the goats. This is his first time being able to be free roaming with the goats.

 He did great until Coal decided to get rambunctious and try to head butt him. It kind of turned more fun and play and Tayyar got excited and chased when the goats ran. He was only playing but to keep it safe I stopped him and put him on the 15 ft lead again to drag and he was fine. This was a major accomplishment today and it should only get better.


Over some time, I took him out once again on the 15 ft lead and quickly removed it from him. He has been free roaming with the goats ever since! He learned very quickly with these goats and is a natural with them. He has impressed me so much with the way he acts around them. He watches over them carefully and is cautious around them and will not harm them. In time he has come to gain my full trust to be with the goats completely unsupervised. He has earned it and has shown me that he loves these little goats. He will protect them! We've had neighbor dogs come running onto the property in a threatening manner when he's out with the goats and he goes off and charges at the fence on full alert to keep the threat away and protects these goats. The goats also pick up on his body language and his barks and go running back to their barn. He will not leave the fence until the threat is gone and once it's gone he goes back to his goats. He has proven himself to me to be trusted. He has claimed them as his flock! I couldn't be more proud of him!