Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Raven Learning The Basics

After Pasa was out with the goats and doing well, I decided to give Raven a try using the same techniques I used with the other 2 on the lead. Raven could not be taken off lead or dragging the lead. Notice the tension in the lead compared to Pasa. She was so excited to be with the goats with no fence between. She was incredibly interested in Lotus more than the others. Of course the goats would run and Raven would chase to a point. We got wrapped up on different things throughout the yard and about got ourselves clothes lined at times but Raven had a blast being with them and no one got hurt. I am still trying to figure out why she's so interested in Lotus compared to the others. Maybe because she's so small? The other goats would be right beside Raven and she didn't seem to care. She was only focused on Lotus. She had no intentions of hurting the goats. She would cry and whine just because she wanted to be closer and wanted to touch them. She did take Lotus and Coal's necks in her mouth very quickly as they would go by but only in a play motion. Not to harm them. She was gentle but yet very playful. Here's some pictures of Raven's "play time" with the goats.

 As of this point right now, I am not sure what to think of her being able to be off lead with them. I'm not sure if she'll be allowed to at any point but she did show some signs of it being a possibility but only after much more work. She had her good times and her not so good times with them. We'll have to see how she does after more work. I did not put Kazara with them because after Raven, they really had a work out. I didn't want to overstress them. Everyone seemed to have a good time but it was getting hot and everyone was getting tired. Kazara will be another time. Even if Raven may not be able to be with the goats without a lead, she still enjoys laying outside watching them through the fence. She does adore them!