Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Pasa Learning The Basics

It has been a while since I tried to put another dog with the goats. I had to take a break because of winter. During the winter a new puppy, Atakan, had joined our family. He was introduced to the goats from Day 1 of being home. He has done well with them. As the weather started getting nicer, I was letting the boys out with the goats much more and both were doing great. Tayyar was teaching Atakan and both boys were doing well. I figured since Tayyar and Atakan are doing so well with the goats that I would move on to the next best one that may be good with them. PASA! She's been more laid back when I've taken her in the goat enclosure on a short lead and the next best one to teach after Tayyar. On this day, I had the boys out with the goats and everyone was doing so well so I decided to throw Pasa into the mix. I took her out on a long lead at first in case she decided to chase just like I did with Tayyar. She did run a few times but got to the end of the leash and it stopped her quickly. She's such a sweet girl and I think she thought she was in trouble with having to have this leash on her. She learned very quickly not to chase. Here's her first experience on the long lead.

 I then dropped the lead but left it on her in case she decided to chase so I could stomp on it to stop her. This is her dragging the lead.

 She was doing so well that I decided it was time to take it off and see what happened. Look at her face when she realized I took the lead off and she was free!

She had trouble written all over her face but she was very good and really didn't have much interest in the goats and was really laid back around them but curious. She stayed close but yet didn't make any quick actions towards them. Here she is free roaming with them for the first time.

She could be trusted but only when supervised. The goats were not so sure what to think of yet another dog joining in but everyone did very well. I took her back inside after a bit when the dogs decided to play instead of focus on the goats, but then took her back out off leash and she did get all excited and chased but no one got hurt. She just thought it was fun since everyone was running around. She got the leash put back on her to drag. I believe after some more work she will be just fine with them just like Tayyar and Atakan. She really did impress me and I think having the boys there with the goats and being calm helped in teaching her.


It wasn't long before I took Pasa back out with the goats again. This time I decided to open the door and let her loose. I did not use a lead at all her second time out with them and she was great. She did not chase and was calm. If I noticed her looking like she was going to get more excited, I yelled out to her "NO CHASE" and she knew. I used that when I was teaching all of them on the leads if they chased. She has been able to be free roaming with them since. I still do not completely trust her unsupervised but she's slowly gaining my trust every time she's out with them. I can leave them for a shorter periods of time but I won't leave them long when she's loose with them. It's gradually building up to longer periods and eventually she will be able to be trusted unsupervised. She's doing wonderful and I'm very proud of her.