Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Kazara Learning The Basics

Last but not least, it is finally Kazara's turn to go out on the long lead with the goats. I figured she couldn't be any worse than Raven. She seemed to do better when meeting the goats in their enclosure on the short lead. She also has become very interested in Lotus and has been reaching her front leg through the fence to try to touch Lotus as she walks by. Kazara only wants to be near them and touch them. She loves laying outside watching them through the fence. She loves these little goats. It was a beautiful day and I decided to try with her and see how she would do. I put the lead on her and opened up the back door to walk out with her. She was doing well and didn't realize the goats were not in their enclosure at first. As soon as she saw they were outside of their enclosure she bolted and ran right at them. She yanked my arm so hard when she hit the end of that lead that it felt like my shoulder got pulled out of it's socket. I knew right then and there that we were in for it! She chased and chased. She was having a blast! I was getting dragged all over the place and trying to stay upright. My mother and I almost got taken out a few times by the leash as Kazara ran by us. She was not acting aggressive. She wanted to play! She thought it was so much fun chasing these little goats. She was also very interested in mainly only Lotus just like Raven was. I wonder why? I thought she would eventually catch on to not chasing but I thought wrong. Here's some pictures of her "NOT learning".

Now she lays down. She's trying to trick me but I'm not falling for it.

Yeah, she knows I'm not falling for it. She decided to give up on trying to trick me.

This is the last picture we got this day of her with the goats. Since I wasn't falling for her little laying down trick, she decided to have me fall on my face! Within minutes of this picture being taken, all the goats decided to run down towards the other end of the yard. Kazara took off running and I was running right behind her. She pulled me down onto the ground and drug me until the leash unraveled from my wrist. I yelled out "She's loose! She's loose!". Thank goodness my mom was there taking pictures of everything because she took off running after Kazara to catch her. Lotus was running in circles around my mom and Kazara was right behind her, chasing her. My mom was able to grab the lead and she wrapped it up around her arm and stomped on the other part of it to stop her. Kazara could have easily caught little Lotus and harmed her but she didn't. She just liked the game of chase. She had no intentions of hurting any of the goats because she easily could have. We did take Kazara back inside after this happened since she was done training for the day and I was sore. It makes me wonder about her. Is it going to be possible to eventually let her off lead with the goats or not? Maybe after a lot of work but at this point I highly doubt it. Raven was actually better than Kazara was at this point. Kazara had a blast during her training and it's something we look back at and laugh at because of me getting pulled around like a rag doll but she's going to need a lot more training if it's ever going to be possible for her to be free with the goats. At least for now, she loves to lay outside and watch them through the fence. Maybe that's all she'll ever be able to do but we don't know what the future holds. Only time will tell.