Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Grooming Anatolians

Anatolians are not too difficult to groom and pretty easy keepers. Anatolians have a thick undercoat and an outer coat that ranges from 1-4 inches in length. They will have seasonal shedding, which is when they blow out their thick undercoat. During those times you can fnd yourself up to your eyeballs in dog hair! Minimal grooming is needed except during seasonal shedding when a thorough brushing is required. It also helps to do a weekly brushing to remove dead hair, which helps to reduce normal shedding.

How I Groom My Anatolians, Some Quick Tips and Pictures:


It's always a good idea to keep your dogs nails trimmed. You never want them getting to long. I've seen dogs with pretty long nails before and it was difficult for them to walk and not to mention it can cause them problems with their joints from not being able to walk properly and can cause pain to the dog. You also don't want them snagging on anything and getting torn which can be pretty painful. All dogs are different with nail trimming requirements. It can vary depending on what kind of surface they walk on all the time and how active they are. Some dogs don't need regular trimming due to filing them down themselves if they have access to concrete or another hard surface that they regularly walk on but others may not be so active on a surface like that and will need to get them trimmed more often. If they are on a soft surface all the time like grass, dirt or carpet, then most likely they will need trimmed more regularly. A good pair of nail clippers made for dogs can be found at your local pet store and it's always good to keep some QuikStop on hand in case you accidentally cut a nail too short to make it bleed. If the dog has light colored nails, normally you can see the vein and know how far you can cut back before hitting it but if the dog has black nails it can be more difficult. It's best to just take the tip to be on the safe side. If you don't feel secure doing it yourself, then ask the advice of a groomer or veterinarian to see how far it should be cut back or have one of them do it for you. All dogs are different and you need to find out what suites your own dog best. Just remember that if you get a dog from a puppy, it's best to start playing with their feet and getting them used to someone touching their feet and trimming nails while they are young or you can run into some problems later while trying to do it.

Cleaning Ears

With Anatolians, you want to stay on top and keep their ears clean. Some can be prone to ear infections no matter how clean you keep them. I like to use OtiCalm which is an ear cleanser that I got from my veterinarian for regular ear cleaning. It works great and breaks the wax down so it can be wiped out easily with a soft cotton ball. I also like to use Epi-Otic which is similar but better for dogs whose ears tend to get the wax build up worse. You can also get the Epi-Otic through your veterinarian.  


Some people brush their dogs teeth and others don't. Everyone has different opinions on this. Most of the time I just supply some nylabones and some harder toys for them to chew on to clean their teeth and it does a good job keeping them clean but I will brush their teeth when I bath them. Each of them have their own toothbrush and I use a toothpaste made for dogs that you can find at your local pet store. Never use human toothpaste!


People have different opinions on how often to bath dogs. Too much bathing will reduce the oil in their coat and dry out their skin. When I had my Shih Tzu, she would get a bath about once a month but she had a different type of coat. My larger dogs with fur, I bathed about once every 2 months. I prefer to regularly bath my Anatolians about once every 2 months or so just like my other larger dogs. It hasn't affected their skin or coats and I feel it keeps their coats much nicer and in a better condition. I also like my dogs to stay clean and smelling good. When I do bath them, I normally shampoo each dog twice. People tend to ask me why and I tell them. I learned it in cosmetology when I was in school. Even though it was for humans, I apply it to grooming the dogs too. The first shampooing just cleanses but not deeply. Once you rinse all of that out and shampoo them the second time, it really lathers up and gets down deep to really clean them. You can really tell a difference between the first and second shampooing. I make sure that I rinse them thoroughly after the second shampooing to make sure there is none left in the coat. You don't want any leftover shampoo remaining in the coat because it can irritate the skin and make them itchy. Once they are rinsed out completely, I let them shake it off and then towel dry them. I finish them up with the brushing and they are done!


I have a small arsenal of different dog brushes that all come in handy for my Anatolians. I brush them on a regular basis which helps with the shedding. Other times I just brush them down before taking them somewhere just to remove the loose hair. My favorite time to really do a good brush out is after a bath. It also helps them to dry faster. For normal quick regular brushings I like to use the slicker brush to run over them. Since Pasa is my plusher coated one, I like to run the bristle brush or the bristle/pin combo brush over her. Now when it's time to do a full brush out after a bath, I first start out with the undercoat rake to remove all the loose undercoat. The hair really flies then! After I use the rake, I like to run over them with the slicker brush for the outer coat. Pasa I go a little farther on and use the bristle or the bristle/pin combo brush after I use the slicker. It just makes her plush coat so soft and adds that special finishing touch to her longer coat. The bristle brush or the bristle/pin brush combo are both great to use on puppies too!


Most Anatolians do not need to be clipped in any way. I added this little part due to the fact that some of plusher coated Anatolians may need it. Pasa is one of them. I've noticed the hair between the pads on her feet just keeps growing so I do need to clip it to keep it short. I have to do that about once a month. I also clip some mats away from her ears every now and then. The only reason she mats up at her ears is due to rough housing with the others and from them grabbing her ears. It tangles her hair up quite a bit. Once in a great while, I'll also find a mat between her back legs which is rare but I do find them. Most of the time it's from her hair being wet from urinating and it'll tangle. I do brush her all the time but sometimes that's just not enough. It's not long or hard to clip an Anatolian with a plusher coat so don't be put off by it. It's very simple and quick. Just use a pair of scissors and clip it away. I prefer blunt end or rounded tip scissors so I don't stab her by accident if she jumps. It only takes a minute or so depending on where you're clipping.

Grooming Supplies

This is a list of my grooming supplies I keep on hand for the dogs.

Booster Bath - Bath tub especially designed for dogs that can hold up to a 200 pound dog. It is lightweight and durable and can be easily moved and used inside or outside. It also has a collar and leash restraint attached to the inside of the tub to put on the dog to keep the dog in the tub. I love this tub!

Toothbrush - one for each dog

Toothpaste - especially for dogs

OtiCalm - ear cleanser

Epi-Otic - ear cleanser

Cotton Balls

Dog Nail Clippers - large

QuikStop - in case you cut a nail too short and need to stop bleeding

Undercoat Rake

Slicker Brush

Bristle Brush

Bristle/Pin Brush Combo

Paw Wax - to keep paws soft so they don't crack open from getting too dry (I use every now and then if I notice their paws are looking too dry)

Doggy Cologne Spray

Rounded Tip Scissors - for Pasa's feet and ears

Shampoo for dogs - I have gallons of shampoo here for them but one of my favorites is Oatmeal shampoo. It's great for dogs with allergies or any skin problems and with Anatolians being more prone to allergies, I love using it. I've used it in the past on my Shih Tzu all the time that had bad skin problems and it worked miracles on her and she never had a problem with her skin again. I just like to use it to be on the safe side with them and it's not harsh on their skin.

Kennel leads - To drag them kicking and screaming to the bath tub! (Just kidding!) Seriously, they work great though to take them to the bath and then slip it off over their head once they are hooked in the tub. They also work good to hold them in place to brush them out afterwards if you don't have a grooming table and also just to move a wet dog around instead of putting the nice dry collar back on them before you're ready to.

Microfiber Bath Towels - They are super absorbent and work wonders on soaking up the water from their coats. I don't ever use a hair dryer on them. I just towel dry them down really good with these towels and brush them out and they are pretty much ready to go. It doesn't take long for them to dry naturally after using one of these.

Picture Time!

The following pictures were all taken the same day. It'll show you what they looked like before their bath during coat blowing season, during their bath and what they looked like after their bath and a good brush out.

Blowing Coats

This is a good example of what some Anatolians look like while blowing their coats. These 2 pictures are of Pasa and Tayyar when they blew their coats. You can see the difference between the two different coat lengths and how each one will blow it out. Pasa's just looks like clumps of hair coming out but on Tayyar you can see the 2 coats.



Raven's Bath Time

Oh no. Not again!

Shake it!

Haha! I got you!

Shake it baby! Shake it!

Look at that water fly!

My beautiful girl.

Am I almost done?

I'm ignoring you now.

Kazara's Bath Time

Uh oh! Why am I in here?

Cleaning the teeth.

Yum yum yum.

Oh no. I'm wet.

...and not happy.

Please make it stop!


Am I almost done yet?


Did I get you? Huh?

I did! I did! hehe

Well, it's about time!

Where did she go?

There she is!

Yay! I'm done!

Pasa's Bath Time

Getting the wet down.


Look at the spiked hair!

Why ma, why?

I'm so ready to be done.

Please stop that!

Peek a boo!

Get this thing off of me already.

Tayyar's Bath Time

More flying water!



Another shake!

Rinse down.

Stop that already!

I'm getting annoyed.

I'm going to splatter you!

Serves you right!

It's about time!

Am I really done?

I don't want out of the tub.

After The Bath