Anatolian Shepherd Dog

When you look into the eyes of an Anatolian, you're looking into their soul.

Prospective Owner Application

Prospective Owner Application:

1. Your Full Name:

2. Street Address:

3. City/State/Zip:

4. Home Phone:

5. Work Phone (will not be used unless absolutely necessary):

6. Cell Phone:

7. Email Address:

8. Website Address:

9. How did you find us?

10. Are you a member of any Dog or Anatolian breed clubs? If so, please name:

11. Do you prefer a male or female Anatolian Shepherd Dog?

       Do you have any particular preferences on coat color or length?

       What temperament or qualities do you prefer your dog to have? 

       How firm are you on each of these qualities?

       What other traits do you consider important in your dog?

12. ASD will be used for:

       Livestock Guardian/Family Companion (spay/neuter contract)

       Livestock Guardian/Family Companion (breeding/show)

13. Why do you want an Anatolian Shepherd Dog? Please tell me why you think this breed/dog is the right one for you and or your family:

14. Have you ever owned an Anatolian Shepherd Dog before?

       If yes, do you currently own one?

       If you no longer own the ASD, what happened to it?

15. What other breeds have you considered? Why did you rule out these other breeds?

16. What other dogs have you owned or currently own and what breed are they? Are they spayed/neutered or intact? How old are they? How would they react to a new puppy? If you no longer own them, why?

17. Will this dog be a family companion or a working dog? Where will it reside the majority of the time?

18. If used for working, what animals will this dog be living with? Is there safe and proper weather-proof outdoor cover for the dog during hot/cold weather and protection from other natural elements?

19. Are there any other animals on your property and what kinds?

20. How do you plan to contain this dog when you are at home?

      When you are away from home?

21. Do you have enclosed fencing? Please describe the type and height fencing:

22. Do you have the time, money and stamina to deal with a very large puppy that will grow into a very large dog?

23. Is everyone in the household in agreement over acquiring an Anatolian?

24. Who are the other people in your household that will have influence on this puppy?

25. Do you have children?

      How many?


      Do they know the proper way to act around large dogs?

      How would you react if your child/children hurt the dog, causing the dog to retaliate?

26. Which of the following best describes where you live:

      Urban (apartment/condo)

      Suburban (house)

      Rural (farm/acreage)

      Other (please specify)

27. What size is your home and your property?

28. Do you rent or own your home? Are there any restrictions on your homeowner's contract regarding dogs and what are they? If you rent, are very large dogs permitted?

29. If you have to move to a new location, will you be taking your Anatolian with you?

30. How will you integrate this dog into your life? How do you plan to train this dog? Are you willing to do extensive socialization for the lifetime of the dog?

31. How much time on a daily basis (specifically) will you have to spend with a new puppy? How much time (specifically) will the new puppy be alone each day?

32. If, for any reason, you could not keep the ASD, would you be willing to return it to the breeder? If "NO", please explain why.

33. Are you willing to spay/neuter? If "NO", please explain why.

34. If you are purchasing a pup for breeding, why? Have you ever bred an ASD or any other breed before?

35. What are your plans for vaccinations and health maintenance for your new dog?

36. Are you willing to keep in contact with us throughout the dog's lifetime? Are you willing to send pictures and a full health update at least once a year?

37. Will you pick up your puppy directly from us? If you require shipping, what is the nearest airport?

38. Please provide the name, address and telephone number of three references who know you well. One of them should be your family veterinarian.

39. Please add any additional comments or information you would like us to consider before placing one of our pups with you:

40. Please attach photos of your home, property and fencing in which this dog would reside.